An auspicious pair of Exaltations took their Second Breath just days after Calibration in Realm Year 768. A Full-moon Lunar, and a Twilight Solar, spirit-bonded pair, were Chosen by their gods on the same day, in the same southern town, part of the Varang City States.

One feels compelled to restore Solars to their former prominence through resurrection of Solar Sorcercy and architechure. The other feels compelled to steward and defend their soul-bonded mate.

More Chosen of the Unconquered Sun have found their way into the clinting light of this, most auspicious of Circles. The threads on the Loom of Fate bind slowly together.

Tales of more Solar Exaltations abound, as the Jade Prison is shattered, it appears hopeful that the Circle might be able to find their former Circle-mates, and rise to the occassion to uncover the past, and re-polish and re-gild the world to glint in the light of the Unconquered Sun.

Will these obvious and bright stars be snuffed? Will they restore the Solar Deliberative? Re-throne the Celestial’s as the rightful rulers of Creation? How will they strum the threads of the Loom of Fate?

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