Earth-Shaking Pasts

Onwards! to tedious paperwork!

tomb diving, and 3 years pass....

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Upon their return to Haven, circle gets a message from a man named Little Foot who leads them to the tomb(s) of their previous incarnations, at the behest of their Eclipse caste. They find soldiers claiming to be troops of Barrow Black that guard the entrance to the Tomb of 5 Corners. The hallways also have scorch marks from many eldritch blasts mar the walls. During a scouting mission to investigate, Shrui ‘khan however was cut down by a bunch of mortals with shortswords. The Masses have a way of toppling the mightest of towers (expecially after they have their defenses wasted by flurries).

Each of the Solar’s has their own personal tomb, linked to this central area via warpgates. Each of the tombs were in different areas of the world, hence the former circle’s name “The Circle of 5 Corners”. Each tomb has hints about their former selves, including artifacts pertaining to their exaltations. All four of our current members are required to get into the 5th tomb, in hopes of finding their Eclipse. They finally find her, in a maze of a mansion, only she has been completely corrupted, and is now a Deathknight for Mask of Winters. There is also a Simulacrum that is controlled by the Deathlord himself. The Deathknight is socially destroyed by the whole party, with Fawn and Mun-ja playing pivotal roles in this demoralization. The Deathknight escapes from the tomb with her life, vowing vengeance.

They then proceded to admin jump 3 years ahead, to work on “large scale” things. Such as, manse repair in Crossroads and trying to stimulate the economy.

A group of refugees, all various types of beastman came looking for sactuary, and settled in Crossroads under the leadership of Sprig. Some of them volunteer to fight for the Solar‘s Cause, and avenge their fallen. The refugee’s claim their land was devasted by what appears to be a spell similiar to a Solar Level Sorcery spell.

The Manses get repaired by Kaiza Turrin and Mun-ja, the town has more than 10 inhabitants now, and is self-sufficient with food.

Mun-ja hires approximately 650 well-equipped mercenaries, and Fawn manages to win them over with her superior logic, and the glory of the Unconquered Sun. Bruce and Mun-ja develop and re-discover ancient Solar training charms and techniques; the circle utilized these to improve their own skills, as well as that of their soldiers (both the converted mercenaries and beastmen) as well as that of the local farmers. Mun-ja also purchases skilled crafting slaves to work in his craft workshops.

Mun-ja and Shrui ’khan uses the skilled crafting slaves that Munja bought as a breeding program to start breeding Half-Caste offspring.



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