Earth-Shaking Pasts

XP abound

Does anyone even read this?

Seriously, do any of my players read this site? All of the time and effect I put into it? The maps? backgrounds? NPC’s? Cross-referencing? Story-arcs? behind the scenes long term strings?

It makes me sad.

8XP to anyone that actually reads this and asks about it! or just leave a comment on here and I’ll know.

Pandas drink coffee to stay awake on long night shifts whilst patrolling aboard ships to prevent pompous pirates parading paradoxically parallel to paradigms that partly partake in inane insanity in asylums assailing sailing assault ships.

Just beat it.


free xp? and all you have to do is comment? or ask about this? come on!

XP abound

I am amused that no one has seen these yet…. despite my constant insistence to ‘check out the Obsidian Portal page’

XP abound

wow.. I missed a lot.

XP abound

particularly thebitaboutpanda bears:)

XP abound

indeed. I guess you get the free XP

XP abound

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