Earth-Shaking Pasts

I'll see you at the cross-roads

so you won't be lonely...

15th day of Descending Wood, Realm Year 768

Mun-ja and Shrui ‘khan come across a vender in the markets of Kirighast that is hawking trinkets for sale, and as he calls out what he’s selling, he lists the castes of the Solar Exalted as they are known in Heaven/Yu-Shan. He congratulates Mun-ja on the ‘recent births’ in his family, he offers him a trinket, and a note. The two Solar’s take the note and its auspicious warnings to heart.

==-=-=INSERT NOTE ==-=-=

Realm Year 768, 22nd day of Descending Wood.

The two Solar‘s tell Shekto not bring mercenaries, as they want to use him as a sort ’bait’. They tale him from a slight distance off of the road and behind his caravan.

A god named Ahmoon Sighla materalized on the back of Mun-ja‘s yeddim, and pleaded for his aid. He asked the group to aid him in restoring his town, Crossroads back to its former glory, or at least to start it on back on the right track. He also notes that currently his faith is being diverted, so he is afraid of being pulled into obscurity. They divert their route from Celeren east towards Crossroads, and inform Shek that they will meet him at Celeren.

24th day of Descending Wood, Realm Year 768

As the pair reach eyesite of the pass that marks Crossroads, the group stops, and Shrui ’khan advances alone to scout ahead. While he is gone, Bruce catches up to Mun-ja, whom he was super-naturally drawn towards. He makes a request to Mun-ja to help his town of Haven, which is in dire need of Exalted healers.Bruce then agrees to join the circle. while the two are “discussing” the situation with their weapons drawn on each other, Kittah-rah lands, in the form of an imposing, and aggressive Stryx, shrieking down from the sky with a war cry, and prostrates herself to the Solar’s and bows herself to their service. Kaiza Turrin is the source that is drawing worship away. He is an Earth-Aspected Dragon-Blooded, and is routing the traffic away through bandit raids on the surrounding roadways of the region. Kaiza Turrin is ambushed by the circle and socially beat into submission, and agrees to work for the Solars, and to wait for their return.


Bruce and Kittah-Rah join the circle, Kaiza agrees to work with them, in return for power and influence in the region.

I'll see you at the cross-roads

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