Earth-Shaking Pasts


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17th Day of Descending Wood, Realm Year 768

Things always get in the way…. such as zombies on the road.

As the group travels towards Haven, which is Bruce‘s home town, they see a Solar’s essence flaring further down the road, like a bonfire on a pitch black night. They rush towards a beleaguered fellow Exalted, only to have the righteous pyre doused and the pitch returned to the night sky.

When the group finally arrives at the scene, they come across the still warm corpse of a former Lawgivers clad in heavy orichalcum plate and whose hands still grasp his dire lance in his death grip. While the party takes in the scene, gawking at the pile of re-dead zombies that surround this downed warrior, they recognize a kindred soul has departed… only in time to have the corpse be re-animated by a very angry ghost, who uses the stout form to deal some damage to the Circle. However, lacking the full power of a Solar, it is quickly dispatched.

The Circle then decides to pile all of the corpses in the center of the road, and burn the bodies. Mun-ja and Bruce rapidly proceed to douse the bodies with water to start the process, while Shrui ‘khan looks for a means to start a fire. While Mun-ja and Bruce continue to pour more water onto the mass, they become upset that the fire isn’t start. Upon Shrui ‘khan’s return, he makes viscous fun of the pair (for months, and years to come) and starts a fire using flint and steel. Then, the entire group remembers that the Solar had on artifact equipment, and fishes it out of the fire, coals, and ashes… to ‘keep it safe’ for the next incarnation. They then leave the smoldering mess on the road.

18th Day of Descending Wood, Realm Year 768

The Circle arrives at Haven, and finds that is wracked by a terrible plague. The Circle meets with the Elders, and is escorted to a local prophet. The prophet gives them many signs to point them in the right direction, the first of which points them towards Celeren.

The group encounters a quarantine road block on the road, set up by paid local thugs. Rather than try to talk to them, the group quickly draws weapons, and much blood is spilled.

On the road to the Marukan capital of Celeren, the group is forced to pass through a charred town, still smoldering bears evidence of an attack, however, no bodies are to be found. As the Circle investigates what happened, they are ambushed by a small horde of zombies and spine chains, obviously left behind as a rear-guard, in hopes of gaining more recruits to the undead army. A tense battle ensues, and the Lunar, kKittah-rah is brought low by the crust-ridden nails of a group of zombies, after taking the form of a yeddim, and dispatching several of her foes.

As the group finishes mopping up the remnants of their attackers, and properly burning the bodies, as Shrui ’khan teaches the party the proper mechanics of fire…. they limp around the town dragging the bodies to the pyre, as Marukan out-riders charge the group, led by Zara Swiftsteed. After some terse negotiations, Shrui ’khan demands that she agree to exactly what she already offered, threatening her with a smoldering spine chain…

The circle is led to Celeren by Zara and her personal guards as they return after days of scouting. Awkward conversations are made, and Kittah-rah tries to get information from a disgruntled, homesick soldier. While Mun-ja goes to speak to Zara Swiftsteed. Who spills intel, informing the Circle of the predicament that the entire Marukan Alliance finds themselves in, Celeren looking it in the eyes, and with Lookshy turning their gaze away, all hope seems lost.


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