Earth-Shaking Pasts

That's a long road!

and the road stretches on...

15th day of Ascending Wood, Realm Year 768

Mun-ja is attacked by bandits alongside of Shek. Mun-ja swiftly defeats them, and finds a manse on the 17th day of Ascending Wood. He attunes to the manse, and goes a local town named Treant in which he recruits some local farm boys to guard his manse, with the promise of payment, sustenance, and that they will return home in time for the harvest. For almost a month Mun-ja stays with them, until the 17th day of Resplendent Wood, when his hearthstone is completely formed. He then takes his purchased yeddim, and attempts to catch back up with Shek, now nearly a month ahead.

1st day of Descending Wood, Realm Year 768

Shrui ‘khan takes his Second Breath in Kirighast while out-running the local guards after a botched robbery attempt. He manages to escape into the nearby mountains, where he runs across a manse of his own. It appears to be an Abyssal aspected manse, with a trophy rack containing artifacts from defeated former Lawgivers. Approximately 2 weeks later, he notices a yeddim caravan heading in to Kirighast. Seeing this as a lucky break, given his new powers and equipment, he decides to strike at the unguarded trader.

15th day of Descending Wood, Realm Year 768

Shrui ’khan makes an assault on the lone trader. Luckily, sShrui ’khan’s first attack was not fatal, and the beleaguered trader gets off a singular shot from his flame piece, missing wildly. However, this shot doesn’t go un-noticed. as Mun-ja is still trying to catch up with his trader friend, Shek. He races to the scene in time to catch Shrui ’khan with an arrow to his raised hand, pinning him to a nearby rock before his next strike against Shek. After some, “Aggressive Negotiations” the two come to the conclusion that they were former circle-mates, and decide to join forces. Which, comes in handy as Guild troops meet Shek outside of the gates of Kirighast to escort him, and his new “friends” into town, and to his awaiting trading stall.

Realm year 768, 22nd day of Descending Wood

Shrui ‘khan’s new hearthstone is complete. The three decide it’s about time to move on.



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