Earth-Shaking Pasts

That's a rough road

lots of bumps on that there road!

1st Day, Ascending Wood, Realm Year 768

Mun-ja travels East with a guild trader, named Shek and his yeddim caravan. Shek is headed North and East of Goord, his eventual destination and turn around point is in the Scavenger Lands. Mun-ja is searching for hints and tips that might lead him to his history, his circle, artifacts, sorcery, manses, and power.

The caravan is promptly attacked by poorly hidden bandits. One of the mongrels tries to run away, but injuries himself along the way, and Mun-ja catches up to him, demanding to know who the bandits work for. He follows him to his local fort, which is meekly guarded by former thieves and bandits. An angry ghost is riding a corpse of a former local bandit of some reknown, and s promptly put down by Mun-ja. Mun-ja quickly realizes that the fort is actually an ancient Solar outpost manse. He also discovers a small stash of Solar (orichalcum) weapons.

Mun-ja proceeded to a small farming town, Treant hired some youths, to help guard his Manse, he got his Hearthstone and purchased a yeddim for a fair price from that same farming village, then took off as fast as his mount would carry him to catch up with Shek just outside of the town of Kirighast


First blood!

That's a rough road

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