The Mistress of Pacts Sealed In Blood

Moonshadow caste, turned from the circle


Resplendent in black articulated plate with crimson highlights and a matching crimson cape, the Mistress of Pacts Sealed in Blood carries a soulsteel reaper daiklave.

her anima is a swirling mass of purples, reds, and blacks that solidifies once she spents 16+ motes into the iconic image of two clawed hands grasping each other as if confirming a deal. Each pleeding from the palm.

She served the Mask of Winters after being corrupted while awaiting The Circle at the Tomb of 5 Corners. The Circle then destroys her willpower convincing her that Mask of Winters is using her, and she ran off, still serving under him.

Later, she was serving as a handler for Barrow Black, and providing necromatic support for his army that was systematically assaulting the [[Scavenger Lands | Scavenger Lands]. Unbeknown to either side, she ended up confronting her circle when they assault Barrow Black’s fortress in the Scavenger Lands. She died valiantly fighting down an over-sized spine chain made mostly of bone. This freed her exaltation from the Black Exaltation, leaving it up to the normal re-incarnation cycle, free of the Great Curse. What it will do when it re-exalts is unknown. Seek revenge on her Circle? Seek them to rejoin them? have no memories what-so-ever as a clean slate? This has yet to be seen,.


The Mistress of Pacts Sealed In Blood

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