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  • The Circle

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    NPC's that are loyal
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  • Clawed Wanderer

    A [[Lunar]] [[No-moon]] sorcerer who was dispatched by the [[Silver Pact]] to extracate the foretold [[Lunar]] Exaltation at the same time as a [[Solar]]. He is a member of the Cross-roads Society, though he does not have an experiment currently. His lair …

  • Split-tongue

    A [[Changing-Moon]] assassin who was dispatched by the [[Silver Pact]] to assist [[Clawed Wanderer]] with the extraction of a young [[Lunar]] His Anima is that of a viper coiling around him, also his spirit shape.

  • Kittah-rah

    [[Full-moon]] [[Lunar]] [[Djala]] martial artist

    Her anima is an ocelot as is her spirit shape She was taken to the [[Lair of Clawed Wanderer]] Exalted in [[Tongosh | Tongosh]], originally from the [[Djala]] lands