Tag: Solar


  • That's a rough road

    *1st Day, Ascending Wood, Realm Year 768*

    [[:mun-ja | Mun-ja]] travels East with a guild trader, named [[:106387 | Shek]] and his yeddim caravan. [[:106387 | Shek]] is headed North and East of [[Goord | Goord]], his eventual destination …

  • That's a long road!

    *15th day of Ascending Wood, Realm Year 768*

    [[:mun-ja | Mun-ja]] is attacked by bandits alongside of [[:106387 | Shek]]. [[:mun-ja | Mun-ja]] swiftly defeats them, and finds a manse on the *17th day of Ascending Wood*. He attunes to the …

  • The Circle

    [[:bruce | Bruce]]
    [[:kittah-rah | Kittah-rah]]
    [[:mun-ja | Mun-ja]]
    [[:shrui-khan | Shrui 'khan]]
    [[:fawn | Fawn]]

    NPC's that are loyal
    [[:106387 | Shek]]
    [[:kaiza-turrin | Kaiza Turrin]]
    [[:130132 | …

  • Sharakeesh

    Formerly a merchant in the Guild, he still maintains his ties and contacts, however, rarely does he trade his way to his fortune. Recently blessed with his Second Breath after an attack on his yeddim train, he now seeks revenge against a rogue Dragon- …

  • Mun-ja

    Mun-ja exalted in [[Tongosh | Tongosh]] of the Varang City States where he had previously worked as a clerk in the local tax office. Born into the [[Firestrider | Firestrider]] family, he was the youngest of seven sons and three daughters. As a child his …

  • Shrui 'khan

    [[Solar]] [[Night]] Caste [[Melee]] acrobat fighter, former street urchin who Exalted in [[Khirigast]] after a botched robery attempt.

  • Bruce

    A [[Solar]] [[Dawn]] heavy [[Melee]] fighter. Exalted near the [[Marukan]] town of [[Haven]] 20 year old male, with red hair, and green eyes. Lightly tanned, 6'6" tall, and 280lbs. Anima is that of a charging boar.