Tag: melee


  • Shrui 'khan

    [[Solar]] [[Night]] Caste [[Melee]] acrobat fighter, former street urchin who Exalted in [[Khirigast]] after a botched robery attempt.

  • Bruce

    A [[Solar]] [[Dawn]] heavy [[Melee]] fighter. Exalted near the [[Marukan]] town of [[Haven]] 20 year old male, with red hair, and green eyes. Lightly tanned, 6'6" tall, and 280lbs. Anima is that of a charging boar.

  • Kaiza Turrin

    Used to be of the Turrin clan in the Marukan Alliance. He was exiled for some crime that he refuses to speak of, and is branded with a large X on his forehead. Exalted during his exile, and now is trying to build a power-base with local ruffins, bandits, …