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  • That's a long road!

    *15th day of Ascending Wood, Realm Year 768*

    [[:mun-ja | Mun-ja]] is attacked by bandits alongside of [[:106387 | Shek]]. [[:mun-ja | Mun-ja]] swiftly defeats them, and finds a manse on the *17th day of Ascending Wood*. He attunes to the …

  • The Circle

    [[:bruce | Bruce]]
    [[:kittah-rah | Kittah-rah]]
    [[:mun-ja | Mun-ja]]
    [[:shrui-khan | Shrui 'khan]]
    [[:fawn | Fawn]]

    NPC's that are loyal
    [[:106387 | Shek]]
    [[:kaiza-turrin | Kaiza Turrin]]
    [[:130132 | …

  • Mun-ja

    Mun-ja exalted in [[Tongosh | Tongosh]] of the Varang City States where he had previously worked as a clerk in the local tax office. Born into the [[Firestrider | Firestrider]] family, he was the youngest of seven sons and three daughters. As a child his …

  • Kittah-rah

    [[Full-moon]] [[Lunar]] [[Djala]] martial artist

    Her anima is an ocelot as is her spirit shape She was taken to the [[Lair of Clawed Wanderer]] Exalted in [[Tongosh | Tongosh]], originally from the [[Djala]] lands

  • Shrui 'khan

    [[Solar]] [[Night]] Caste [[Melee]] acrobat fighter, former street urchin who Exalted in [[Khirigast]] after a botched robery attempt.

  • Bruce

    A [[Solar]] [[Dawn]] heavy [[Melee]] fighter. Exalted near the [[Marukan]] town of [[Haven]] 20 year old male, with red hair, and green eyes. Lightly tanned, 6'6" tall, and 280lbs. Anima is that of a charging boar.